EstebanGamer636 YT
EstebanGamer636 YT 8 timmar sedan
Now a Collection, maybe in the future we'll have a Ninja Gaiden 4! I hope so, this franquise was so dead after Yaiba Ninja Gaiden
Congo the Doggo - Captain Jacques
Congo the Doggo - Captain Jacques 8 timmar sedan
This game feels like so much was cut out
BlazenFlakes 8 timmar sedan
Me during the video: I'll never get to experience Mario world become a reality because I don't live in Japan. :( Me near the end: I'm going their with my bff and no one can stop me.
tanchichi 8 timmar sedan
if i use my account and logged in apex, will my stuff carry over to the switch ver or will it be deleted or just gonna start like it’s a new acc?
Korkee Konrad
Korkee Konrad 8 timmar sedan
2:27 authentic drift moment
Noah Izanagi
Noah Izanagi 8 timmar sedan
I was kind of hoping from some sort of inkling and octoling hybrid
Maxxor 8 timmar sedan
I don't care what people say, X and Y were good games :)
makuu 8 timmar sedan
I can’t believe they were showing this only 3 years after the release of skyward sword.
Thanos cat Sans
Thanos cat Sans 8 timmar sedan
So this is that Pokémon direct everyone is taking about
Zeke Knighton
Zeke Knighton 8 timmar sedan
Wtf was the balance team doing?!
Ed 9 timmar sedan
New comer !! My son whose 5! put me on
꧁Rhian꧂ 9 timmar sedan
My imagination: Opens up portal and welcomes the Mario cast to the real world. (They do keep their cartoony look.)
John 9 timmar sedan
ok 😐
Jhodee Murrf
Jhodee Murrf 9 timmar sedan
Thanos cat Sans
Thanos cat Sans 9 timmar sedan
Are they working on this on the water planet from interstellar or something?
3miSanchez 9 timmar sedan
4 years...
maik barbosa
maik barbosa 9 timmar sedan
Wait 0:50 YOU HAVE XBOX AND PLAYSTATION CONSOLE (and l'm have xbox live and ninterdo switch onlive account) P.S: l am brazil
Daquan Adams
Daquan Adams 9 timmar sedan
The curly shingle coincidingly strip because astronomy reassuringly memorise to a jazzy banana. powerful, jittery nest
Nerd King Alpha
Nerd King Alpha 9 timmar sedan
"no one to laugh at my jokes" poor sakurai
Daquan Adams
Daquan Adams 9 timmar sedan
The halting lyocell disturbingly matter because brian fascinatingly change like a bored jet. nonchalant, recondite purchase
Micah Cooper
Micah Cooper 9 timmar sedan
Me sees this trailer me doing my victory scream REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeEE
Freyr 9 timmar sedan
I hate france too
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy 9 timmar sedan
me: I'm so happy there adding it tomorrow Also me: MOZAMBIQUE HERE!!!
Cyronical 9 timmar sedan
jojo monkey
jojo monkey 9 timmar sedan
I search (I am dead) and this was the first thing I saw
Jack beuster
Jack beuster 9 timmar sedan
Ah wii play :*) the good ol days
Zeke Knighton
Zeke Knighton 9 timmar sedan
Thanks for another unbelievable unbalanced game wrecker. Online is unbearable now Smash bros isnt fun when you make it unfair, hero, steve and them, fix them, pls i beg you, they just autowin spam at any level and win
blazzingsaddles4 9 timmar sedan
Breath of the wild ZERO
Fleischi 62
Fleischi 62 9 timmar sedan
Daquan Adams
Daquan Adams 9 timmar sedan
The massive bathtub taxonomically analyse because pail conventionally tie vice a slimy ambulance. yummy, scientific roof
Shadowchan The hedgehog
Shadowchan The hedgehog 9 timmar sedan
Me: Oh you know I’m going purple and yellow hair shading. Friend: Why? Me: Cause then I’ll be a little more accurate but of course now animal ears though unless that’s a feature too.
Christopher Ball
Christopher Ball 9 timmar sedan
Looks very DS
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 9 timmar sedan
Alright everybody I want tour theories down below I want to hear your best theories you have
Dead Bean
Dead Bean 9 timmar sedan
Mr.Grizz is secret boss.
Zelda Guy
Zelda Guy 9 timmar sedan
I’m excited don’t get me wrong but my frames are gonna drop so much and lag will be awful we have to admit it
Studio Arentain
Studio Arentain 9 timmar sedan
These comments have such young people SEcycle energy lol Regardless, can't wait for this game! I hope they add an entire new region to the east
João-animações 9 timmar sedan
What SEcycle 3ds is dead
ZokLoc 9 timmar sedan
just found out about this and my brother had a heart attack
auroraSLAP 9 timmar sedan
Rex: I thought I was gonna be in Smash! Sakurai: y’all hear summ?
Default Lives MATTER
Default Lives MATTER 9 timmar sedan
9:37 when Luigi does a pose wrong, you can tell he is gonna get punished behind the scenes.
Default Lives MATTER
Default Lives MATTER 9 timmar sedan
If I heard “Hello Mario” at 9:16 I would have laughed my pants off😂
Racing Street VN
Racing Street VN 9 timmar sedan
Daniel Alejandro Klug Gareis
Daniel Alejandro Klug Gareis 10 timmar sedan
I would like to see Mike Tyson Punch Out again...
Not one Pro Controller😂
Sandwich Playz
Sandwich Playz 10 timmar sedan
Something animal crossing new horizon should add is one more space for a villager to move in That’s my opinion